After having got an Organ Golden Medal from the Strasbourg "Conservatoire" in 2001 (Marc Schaefer's class), Yannick Merlin improves himself for 2 years in the soloist class of the PARIS Superior -Conservatoire under M-L Langlais's leardership. Besides that he has been one of André Stricker, Christophe Mantoux and Martin Gester's students,and got advice fromLouis Thiry, Jean Boyer, James -David Christie (USA) as well as Marie Claire Alain. He is a prizewinner on the International Competition's of Lorraine, of the UFAM, of PARIS city as well as the Organ competition of Angers. From 1995 to 2001, he had tenure of the Merklin organ in the St-Antoine convent in SELESTAT. Since 1998 he has had tenure of the Joseph Merklin's organ in the Temple-Neuf in Strasbourg. As a guest of organ festivals, he regularly carries on his occupation as a concert artist in Paris, in Alsace as well as in the rest of France. A revised version of his dissertation ("Parisian Organs and Organ players in Alsace from 1860 to 1908"), made in the Paris University of Sorbonne, under Pierre Guillot 's leadership, has just been published in the magazine "L'orgue" (n°265 ). He also publishes (at Delatour's) organ scores, particularly from Alsatian composers.

Photo : Christian Piertot
Orgue de Saint-Roch à Paris, le 12.10.03.

Cathédrale de Chartres, 10.08.03.
Photo Pascal Oosterlynck
avec l'aimable autorisation de
Patrick Delabre
Béatrice Piertot is an organ teacher at Abbeville Conservatoire (80). With tenure of the State Organ diploma, she followed a university training (Master of musicology at the Sorbonne in 2003) and a musical one : the piano at the CNR in strasbourg (1991-1994), and the organ at Mulhouse National Music school, then in the Paris superior Conservatoire CNR in which she gets the First Organ Prize unanimously in 2001. She improves herself for 2 more years in the soloist class with Marie-Louise Langlais, and then she followed Eric Lebrun's advice for 2 years. She is the Prizewinner of many Competitions : 1st prize of the International Organ competition of Lorraine ; 3rd prize of interpretation, prize given to the youngest hope, offered by the SACEM and also the winner of the best interpreting of the "ENFANT NOIR" from Jean-Louis Florentz at the International Organ Competition of Paris city in 2002. In 2005, she performed as a soloist at the 104studio Radio France organ in a programme broadcasted by France musique. She is a guest at the international organ festivals.
Francis Kray is a qualified philosophy teacher in a high school in Mulhouse . He first studies the piano with Gérard Grasser , a priest; and takes Alain Langrée's teaching for organ ,. he improves himself with Barbara Schmutz who initiates him to harpsychord and then with Daniel Maurer at Mulhouse Music school . From April the first 2004 he has had tenure of the Silbermann/:Kern organ at Saint-Jean Temple in Mulhouse. He is the vice chairman and founder of the AORM ( Mulhouse region organ players )and has had tenure of Stier-Mockers organ ( ranking among historical monuments since 1979),of Ste Afre church in Riedisheim (since 1997) and occasionally plays the great Cavaillé- Coll organ in Saint Etienne catholic church ( since 1992) .

Orgue du temple St-Jean de Mulhouse.
Photo : Y Merlin.

Photo : Marie-Pierre Fauchois-Linder
During his childhood that he spent in Rouffach, where he was born in 1931 Théodore Linder has imbued with the prestigious epic of the Callinets who were his mother's ancestors by marriage . Frequently visiting a greatgrand aunt on his mother's side, he had the opportunity to leap about in the Callinets' garden and see their dormant workshop. These childhood pictures took the shape of something concrete when he received P.Meyer Siat 's book as a tribute in 1966. His parents had contributed to this book"The Callinets, organ builders in Rouffach" for the litterature of it . This book aroused in him later his curiosity for organ. After scientific studies at the Faculty of Sciences in Strasbourg, in the National Vet school in Toulouse, in the INSEAD in Fontainebleau, and then a military period of 2 years, Théodore Linder was an industrial chief executive with national and international responsibilities for 24 years. Then he worked as an independent consultant. A career that bore no relationship at all to organ or music . Though he has been living in the Parisian region for more than 40 years, he has always been "An Alsatian fond of Alsace" and has remained very attached to the numerous assets of his country and more particularly to its historical and cultural inheritance of which organs, organ players and Alsatian organ builders constitute an original and unique element in the world .

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